Where’s my Green Padlock? My site says ‘Not Secure’

Security Certificate Not Secure Issue

My Website says ‘Not Secure’ even though we have installed a Security Certificate?

Today I had the pleasure of dealing with an Security Certficate ‘not secure’ issue online. Since the latest Google Algorithm update, having an SSL certificate on store has become quite desirable particularly it comes to ranking factors. Luckily it would seem hosting companies have also clocked on to this and are now issuing free SSL certificates. That is of course all good, but sometimes when security certificates are installed by hosting companies things can go amiss and the site wont always be checked thoroughly.

Lets Encrypt SSL seems to be one that is offered out by hosting companies and it was on this occasion a Lets Encrypt Security Certificate that was displaying as not secure.


How to Check your SSL Certificate

If you are receiving a Green Padlock and the message secure – you’re all good.

But if you are receiving an I (icon) if you click on it you will see the message “Your connection to this site is not secure”

How to Fix SSL Security Certificate ‘Not Secure’ issue

Most of the time this can be done by process of elimination and please make sure you spend a moment checking the install of the SSL, however as explained below there is an easy way to check why your green padlock isn’t showing.

Is the website loading mixed content?

A fair amount of the time the issue is down to the site loading Mixed Content.

A good way to check is to using this powerful tool Why No Padlock , here you will find exactly which files are loading through from the website as http: instead of https://

Sometimes when hosting companies run through a url search and replace, some urls can get missed particularly if they are buried within style sheets and 3rd party themes. If you are seeing both http:// links and https:// links – your issue is more than likely mixed content.


Whether you are using WordPress, Magento, Drupal or have a custom coded site, this is easily fixable. All you need to do is replace the links in the file locations discovered to load through https:// instead of http

Once done, clear your cache and hey presto!

I should mention, of course like everything there are sometimes other reasons for the Green Padlock not showing, but Mixed content is usually the biggest offender.

If you need any assistance – give us a shout in the comments below!

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