Elementor Cross Scripting Vulnerabilities found!

Using Elementor? If you’re not covered with our maintenance and support plans (we do this all for you) You may not know that Wordfence have just issued an alert on Cross Scripting Vulnerabilities that have been found in versions before and including 3.1.2.

The vulnerability would allow any user to access Elementor editor to add Javascript into posts and pages. This could then be executed regardless of whether the page or post is previewed, edited, cloned etc. Therefore- this could be used to take over the website

In short – make sure you update to 3.1.4 immediately! Versions affected < 3.1.2

Need more info ? See here – https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2021/03/cross-site-scripting-vulnerabilities-in-elementor-impact-over-7-million-sites/

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Elementor Vulnerabilities Found

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