How to add your own logo to WordPress login

Wondering how to add your own logo to WordPress login? Perhaps you fancy adding in your own logo or your client’s logo to the WordPress Login/admin section of your WordPress website? Well, Here’s one quick way using the Admin Branding Plugin instead of editing the functions.php file.

There are quite a few plugins available to achieve this but the Admin Branding plugin by Gabriel Nordeborn is the plugin we will be using in this example. It’s a quick, easy and effective way to add your own logo to the wordpress login page. It also has a lot of additional customisable extras, but we won’t go into details here. If you want an alternative, there are plenty – just search “admin logo” in the wordpress plugin section.

How to add your own logo to WordPress Login:

– click plugins
– search “admin branding”
– Install the admin branding plugin
– click login screen
– select the image you would like to display on your login page instead of the ever present wp logo or additonally upload an image to the media section then select this. It should be no wider than 320px.
– click save changes

You can also change the background of the page to match your logo if it’s blue for example.
Just adjust the “body background” section.

If you have any more questions,just give us a shout!

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