Sweet Captcha WordPress Plugin: Spam Warning!

sweet captcha wordpress plugin

Have you ever used sweet captcha wordpress plugin?
If you currently do then you may want to de-activate and un-install this plugin.

Many users have reported over the past month that the latest sweet captcha wordpress plugin update contained adware.
Various users of the plugin (myself included) have had adware and spam added to their site, some users have suffered irreparable damage to their sites and businesses.

The saddest thing about this all is that is highly unlikely to be an accident, so what was once a favourite captcha plugin of many, is now a dangerously damaging adware trap, stay clear folks and use an alternative! Far from the “Fun and Human Friendly plugin” we came to know and trust. Shame on you guys.

Read some horror stories here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/sweetcaptcha-injecting-pop-up-ads-on-purpose

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