Just why is WordPress Maintenance so important?

Yesterday, it was unveiled that the very popular YOAST SEO WordPress Plugin, had quite the vulnerability. Its a plugin that is used alot by many websites as its pretty good at guiding you with Search Engine Optimisation.

Something that puts millions of websites at risk of being hacked – we feel is a pretty HUGE vulnerability. With this in mind, we quickly patched and updated all the sites that we work on and anyone who has taken out our WordPress maintenance package. We also flagged this on social media to anyone who follows us on Twitter, Facebook ¬†etc (cough, cough. ehem, there’s a reason too!)

The “vulnerability” in this case is actually a SQL injection, its ranked pretty critically because it could cause a database breach which in turn means a leak of your websites “insides” and confidential data – which obviously is a big no no.

In this case however, an outside hacker can’t trigger this vulnerability itself as it has to be accessed by a WordPress Admin, Editor or Author (yes, it means they use you to exploit the issue and then hack the website – the idea is to trick you into clicking on a CTA button to give them access). So you can see why there we are flagging the importance of WordPress maintenance.

Luckily, like any professional development company should, the issue was quickly fixed by the YOAST development team and a patch has been released.

Wordpress Maintenance

Oh no – what do I do – I use the YOAST plugin!?

First of all, check the version you are using, if you update your plugins regularly this shouldn’t be an issue, but if not, you want to update it and fast. You need to update your website to use the 1.7.4 version of Yoast Plugin. You can download the latest version here. But if you don’t know how to install and update, please do contact us and we will help you further and work with you on your WordPress maintenance.

Oh great – I was thinking about using WordPress for my Website now I’m worried..

Okay, lets just get this straight. Every CMS has vulnerabilities, every piece of custom code has vulnerabilities. As technology moves forward, more appear. The difference between using an up-to-date CMS stystem like wordpress, Magento or Drupal, is that the CMS framework development team will be on the case to fix and resolve these issues,straight away, allowing you to stay ahead of the game.

So please do not let think put you off – it shouldn’t 0 WordPress is one of the most respected CMS systems out there. Just make sure you cover your wordpress maintenance. Contact us today for more advice on what’s best for you – here (we’re happy to help)

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