Url with or without (www.) conundrum

Setting your ‘preferred’ domain

The difference between having www. and non www. on your URL

If you spend a fair amount of time in good old Webmaster tools – you will see an option to ‘Set your preferred domain’. In this case, although it may seem like a trick – Google is not trying fool you.

The big conundrum is this and it is something I hear over and over! Do I do my domain name starting with a www. or without it? Will people not be able to find it without it? Does it hold special powers if I do use it?!

Answer is no. It is mainly down to user preference, but that doesn’t mean you do absolutely nothing!

Some feel that www.website.com has a more trustworthy feel to it. Others dread the ol’ www. as they feel it doesn’t look as cool or as to to date.

Most hosting companies already set up a domain alias so that your site can be reached by a user tapping in www. or not. The issue is that for some strange reason Google hasn’t yet completely made the web master tools preferred domain set up as easy as it should be – whether it will change or not we can only wait and see.

Regardless, Google will and can look at your website as providing duplicate content – if you don’t tell it otherwise (a bit silly we know – but worth mentioning).

Yes you got it – Search engines still read www.versions and non.www versions as separate site entities!

There’s an easy enough fix but it does involve you having to create 2 web master tools accounts – one for your www.site.com and your nonwww.site.com.

Setting your Preferred URL









I will be adding a Step by Step here shortly with a Video Tutorial also – which I will ping out a little later. But please do leave any thoughts or queries on this discussion below.

If you would like us to have a look at setting your preferred domain for you and redirecting, please get in touch here. I am more than happy to help.


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