iThe legal agreement set out below govern your use of Working with WordPress services (“services”). By using the services you agree to these terms. These terms may be amended from time to time at our (Working with WordPress) absolute discretion. If you do not agree to these terms, you are not authorised to use these services. 

Service Description

Working with WordPress provides the option of maintenance and subscriptions, resources, content and more. From time to time you may receive communications from Working with WordPress such as service announcements, administrative messages and support communications which are considered as part of your membership.

Website Update Protocol

By subscribing to one or our plans you authorise us to carry out update on core files, plugins and theme frame work releases. All updates are ran after full manual backups are taken in order to carry out maintenance checks prior to this. These are done on a case by case basis and are ran when we have checked through the latest releases. Read why is it important that WordPress maintenance tasks are ran correctly here

Updates on themes and plugins will only be ran when they are compatible with the latest version of the WordPress core version. If during the updates conflicts are found, the website will be restored to the prior back up. Our updates are ran and checked manually which are scheduled in as and when we can perform them. This is because we need to manually check for potential issues prior to any update.  

Sometimes we may hold back on updating selected plugins after research and checking through developer logs. This is to keep your website safe and secure and performing as its best. 

Back ups and updates are usually ran outside of main hours for site performance. These can be ran prior on a staging website if this is something you request with our team. If a restore has to be made, we cannot guarantee we will be able to recover any content, posts, pages, or any other changes that may of occurred during the time the back up was created and the time the website was restored. 

Limitations and Liabilities

In no event shall Working with WordPress or its suppliers be liable for any damage (including, without limitation, damages for loss of data or profit or due to business interruption). 

Subscription and Payment Terms

By signing up to a product subscription service through Working with WordPress you agree to pay the month/annual subscription or one-time fee indicated – and any further additional payment terms mentioned within other communication with the team. This includes and is not limited to; hosting service quota limits – if you need more resources for website performance. All additional fees will be discussed and agreed upon with a member of the team.

Subscriptions will be charged on a pre-pay basis, after your initial 7 day trial. Payments are non refundable.

All clients need to register online through our website workingwithwordpress.com these details need to be kept up to date for our service and communications to run successfully. Please see our Privacy policy to know more about how we use your data and what we do to protect you.

By signing up and subscribing to our service, you authorise Working with WordPress and Stripe.com to automatically renew and charge your account on a month to month basis.

Subscription Monthly Renewal

By signing up and subscribing to our service, you authorise Working with WordPress and Stripe.com to automatically renew and charge your account on a month to month basis.

Our subscriptions renew automatically unless cancelled, using a 3rd party secure gateway (Stripe Payments). Payment details are not held on our system these are processed directly through a secure SSL protocol through Stripe.com direct.

Changes to your Subscription or Plan

We retain the right to update our terms and subscription features when ever necessary. When this is the case, we will inform you of these changes with as much notice as possible. We will endeavour to continue your subscription for that current month with the current terms. Changes will then come into affect on the next month renewal

Cancellation / Service Downgrading

If you decide to cancel your subscription, please give us as much notice as possible beforehand. To cancel your subscription you can do this by email written form to support@workingwithwordpress.com or by contacting us using our contact form here.

On notice of Cancellation, the service will run through to the end of the current month billing period. No service fees will be refunded for the current billing period. Please allow sufficient notice prior to the end of your monthly billing period charge date in order for us to process the cancellation.

On termination of your account or this agreement, you will no longer be able to utilise the software or tools provided by Working With WordPress. Also upon termination, you agree that Working with WordPress hold no responsibility for the condition or maintenance of your website thereafter. Working with WordPress will clean and delete information and back ups in relation to any account with an expired subscription or cancelled service. Therefore, we are under no obligation to provide you with back up data after cancellation.

In some cases, we (Working with WordPress) reserve the right to cancel your plan and subscription immediately without notice. In such a case, we may potentially refund you a partial payment to cover the rest of that month of support. This will be decided on a case to case basis and will be determined upon the account and support usage for the month in question.

Malware Removal

Working with WordPress provide account hardening as part of their ongoing service. This is provided on selected plans.

If malware is discovered during your website audit or your 7 day trial period, we will offer to remove the malware for a one time-fee. Websites must be in a clean audited form in order for us to be able to provide maintenance and support for them on a subscription based plan.

Any malware detected after the initial 7 day trial period and auditing, will be covered without charge and removed without fee.